The Kepplewray Trust (“The Kepplewray Centre”, “Kepplewray”, “We”) is an educational residential outdoor centre founded and run upon Christian principles.

Kepplewray values everyone who engages with us by whatever means, and we do all we can to protect your privacy and to make sure the personal data you provide us with is kept safe and only used for purposes you have agreed to.

This policy explains how we collect data, how we use and store information and what it means for you.

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Contact Kepplewray

The Kepplewray Centre

LA20 6HE
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1229 716936
URL: http://www.kepplewray.org.uk

Registered Charity No - 1015762

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Closing Black Box

Expertly delivered our exhilarating and challenging activities are what makes Kepplewray a memorable and rewarding experience whatever your age or ability. Kepplewray offers a very broad range of activities allowing our instructors to tailor your activity programme to meet the objectives of your entire group.

We can't wait to introduce you to Kepplewray and the exceptional environment on our doorstep, so why not begin the adventure now by calling 01229 716936 or complete the 'Find out More' form on the right of this page.


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Support Us

Support Us

A snowy picture of the Kepplewray MansionThe Kepplewray Trust, a charity established to challenge exclusion, receives help in a number of different ways, for which we are extremely grateful.

As for many charities, raising funds, maintaining the building, servicing the equipment and keeping the garden under control are on-going challenges and we are fortunate to have a fantastic group of supporters who:

  • give money (on a regular or one off basis)
  • provide services free of charge or at significantly reduced rates
  • volunteer by helping out in and around the Centre
  • pray for the continuance of Kepplewray and Bethesda (a sister project in Burundi)
  • help out with, hold or take part in fund raising activities

In this section of the web site we identify how you could help us by:

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Leisure Groups

Kepplewray is an ideal group accommodation venue being spacious and accessible. We have hosted many different leisure based groups, for example:

  • motor cycle rally enthusiasts
  • childrens parties
  • photography groups
  • artist groups
  • wildlife weekends
  • meditation groups
  • stag parties

Kepplewray is able to offer flexible accommodation, safe storage and pick up and drop off services by arrangement.

So if your group fancy heading to the Lakes to take focus on your chosen leisure activity, use the find out more form on the right hand side of this page, and ask how we can help.


  • The Kepplewray Centre exceeds all Health & Safety requirements and has a £5 million Public Liability Indemnity.
  • All Kepplewray staff who are responsible for any regulated activity relating to children, as defined in the September 2013 Amendment to the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, are DBS cleared to the enhanced level.
  • All our activity staff have nationally recognised instructor qualifications, and all activities undergo a thorough risk assessment, which are documented and available upon request.
  • All activity staff are first aid qualified, as are all the "on call" duty staff.
  • A member of Kepplewray staff is on call 24 hours a day.
  • We take the well being of our guests extremely seriously, and all visitors to the site are monitored and supervised.
  • Kepplewray is inspected by the Adventurous Activities Licensing Service; holds the Adventure Mark; is recognised by Learning Outside the Classroom; is a member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning and is a training and assessment centre for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.
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Your Group

Your GroupKepplewray welcomes groups from a wide range of backgrounds and is able to offer a varied outdoor activity programme depending upon the individual group requirements.

Some groups just wish to be in the Lake District to enjoy the peace and quiet and the surrounding countryside, whereas other groups want a full on, energetic activity programme.

Please note that, for visitors requiring activities, we normally work with a minimum group size of 8.

Whatever your particular needs, we will be happy to discuss your ideas with you and see how we can best support your desired aims.

In this section of the web site, we have identified types of groups that have made use of the special service which Kepplewray offers and expanded on the service which you can expect.

If your group doesn't fit into any of the identified categories, don't let that stop you from getting in touch and asking if we can help. Use the find out more form on the right hand side of this page to ask us any questions.  If we can help – we will!

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Greg Wallace - Activity Manager


I've been instructing for 5 years and whilst I am qualified to run many different activities, I'm more at home in the mountains.

Personal Profile:

I love the challenges that you receive from outdoor sports and the freedom to go to really exciting places. It's great to see young people (and old too!) overcoming fears, working together and having a great time. To relax there is nothing better than rock climbing!

Thursday, 17 October 2013 13:28

Marian Acott - Cook in Charge

Marion Acott - Cook in ChargeMarian has been with Kepplewray for 8 years and leads our team of fabulous cooks. Her steak pie has guests queuing up for seconds (and thirds!) and is a real treat. In addition to looking after the culinary requirements of Kepplewray's guests, Marian also takes the lead on delivering lunches to the school next door.

Thursday, 17 October 2013 13:26

Steve Lindsay - Site Maintenance

Steve Lindsay Site MaintenanceSteve is another key member of the team at the Kepplewray Centre and he looks after the building, the grounds and the vehicles. Steve has held several quite different roles during his working life so far – including the manufacture of wheel chairs, serving his time on building sites (principally as a joiner), being the chef at a local pub in Broughton and undertaking a number of building and decorating jobs. He is happily settled in Broughton with his wife and two sons.

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