Discover@Kepplewray is passionate about working with young people and helping them fulfil their potential.  We encourage them to be respectful of others with differing abilities, to take care of the community they live in, and to be successful through their own choices and decisions.

The Discover@Kepplewray experience provides an opportunity for young people to:

  • Expand their horizons,

  • Develop their communication skills whilst working as part of a team

  • Progress their social skills and have fun, all of which will have a positive impact upon their level of confidence


We have hosted many National Citizenship Scheme groups, and are a provider of choice.  We look forward to welcoming your group for the Discover@Kepplewray experience!


"Warm, friendly environment, helpful patient instructors and good food"
Youth Group North Cumbria

"I had an amazing time, everyone was really nice and I made loads of new friends. Definitely would do again if I had the chance".
Young Person London

"The staff were extremely polite and helpful.  Activities were excellent and instructors were fun and worked really well with the young people"
Group Leader National Citizen Service