Archery is an inclusive activity that Kepplewray offerCan you split the arrow?

Unleash your inner Robin Hood and discover the ancient art of Archery – the traditional method of hunting and survival. Whilst the targets at Kepplewray do not move, there is nevertheless a great sense of achievement when you hit one, especially that gold circle in the middle !
With our skilled instructors on hand to teach the correct stance, how to hold and draw the bow, aim, release and successfully hit the target, everyone will soon be comfortable with the basics. Once mastered, our instructors provide some fun and games, making things that bit more challenging, whilst still maintaining your safety.

Benefits – new skill acquisition, awareness of danger and safety

The key benefits archery offers are:

  • Improving attention skills.
  • Teaching patience (a particular benefit for the younger age group).
  • Emphasising that individuals need to be responsible for their own actions.

Archery is open to all, can be undertaken by both able bodied and disabled people and age is no barrier!

  • Expertly delivered our exhilarating and challenging activities are what makes Kepplewray a memorable and rewarding experience whatever your age or ability. Kepplewray offers a very broad range of activities allowing our instructors to tailor your activity programme to meet the objectives of your entire group.

    We can't wait to introduce you to Kepplewray and the exceptional environment on our doorstep, so why not begin the adventure now by calling 01229 716936 or complete the 'Find out More' form on the right of this page.



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