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The Kepplewray Ethos...

Here are five things which are important for us, we call them our foundations:

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Our Christian basis ...

Kepplewray was set up by a group of Christians to help everyone Discover Adventure and Discover Life, and to be able to participate fully in the life of the Centre

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Inclusion regardless of ability ...

We set no minimum hurdles for people to meet, and challenge exclusion and prejudice due to ability or background

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Self-development for individuals ...

We want everyone to build self-confidence and personal resilience through the Kepplewray experience.  We work in teams, where everyone is involved and learns together.

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An accessible centre set in beautiful countryside ...

We have plenty of space inside for everyone to spread around to eat, relax and learn.  We maintain excellent grounds with fun on-site activities.

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Wide range of activities for all ...

We offer a full spectrum of outdoor activities with expert, qualified instructors. Groups can arrange just to enjoy the facilities and the views!

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