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Discover@Kepplewray - Opening the World Beyond the classroom

Every young person should have the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom, whether striving for the summit of The Old Man of Coniston, discovering the history and the ingenuity of the people who worked the quarries or in the depths of the tunnels where copper was mined.  These are just some of the experiences that link into the National Curriculum through History, Geography, Science, PE and English, which widely enhance their stay at Kepplewray.

Discover@Kepplewray hosts dozens of school and college groups every year, providing the opportunity for young people to expand their horizons and develop their communication skills as part of a team and above all have fun and increase self-confidence, resilience and robustness.
We are recognised by Learning Outside the Classroom, the Institute for Outside Learning and a training and assessment Centre for The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

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