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Family Trip

Family Groups

Families come to Discover@Kepplewray for many different reasons:

  • As a single family – or several close families combined – to undertake some exciting outdoor activities together

  • A gathering of the wider family group – some or all of whom could also do activities

  • For a celebration with family and friends of an important milestone or achievement

  • Children’s parties with a choice of exciting activities.


Whatever the reason, Discover@Kepplewray is a fantastic homely venue and is a very family-orientated building offering home cooked food which can be tailored to your specific requirements.  The key is that, whatever the reason for the get together, you all have fun – and we will play our part in trying to ensure that.

If it is a celebratory meal and/or an evening party with some music for you all to enjoy that is required – you can achieve any of this at Discover@Kepplewray!

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