Bridge Jumping

A man jumps off of a bridge and into the water at KepplewrayTake a leap... make a splash!

At the end of a hot and tiring day what could be better than to soak your tired and aching feet in a free flowing mountain river? If, on the other hand, it is total body immersion you are after, then our instructors know places where you can safely leap off a bridge and plunge into a nice refreshing pool.

When you have done this once, you will want to do it again......and again........and again! Many people set out with no intention to jump but when they arrive they usually join in.

The thrill of the initial leap, the free fall through the air, the fantastic splash, the electrifying shock of the water and the shouts as you surface all go to make this a magical experience.

Naturally we tend to do this only in the summer and as a 'add on' rather than a fully fledged activity in its own right – but be sure to let us know if it something that you would like to do so that we can plan your day accordingly.

Bridge Jumping offers the opportunity to:

  • Encourage yourself and your friends.
  • Overcome personal reticence and to put your trust in others.
  • Make a commitment and follow it through.
  • Get wet.

  • Expertly delivered our exhilarating and challenging activities are what makes Kepplewray a memorable and rewarding experience whatever your age or ability. Kepplewray offers a very broad range of activities allowing our instructors to tailor your activity programme to meet the objectives of your entire group.

    We can't wait to introduce you to Kepplewray and the exceptional environment on our doorstep, so why not begin the adventure now by calling 01229 716936 or complete the 'Find out More' form on the right of this page.


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