Rock Climbing

A young girl approaches the summit whilst rock climbing at KepplewrayAnyone got a ladder?

Rock climbing is much more than just about going up a cliff face. Trust is a key factor – not only in yourself and your equipment but also, and most importantly, in the person holding the rope.

All of this is overseen by our experienced and qualified instructors who will coach you in the best technique and will ensure that you stay safe.

Rock climbing in the Consiton, Duddon and the Eskdale valleys provides fantastic real rock faces to challenge yourself on in wonderful locations.

Rock climbing will help to:

  • improve observation and listening skills.
  • develop the taking and delivery of instruction.
  • develop both self confidence and trust in others.

  • Expertly delivered our exhilarating and challenging activities are what makes Kepplewray a memorable and rewarding experience whatever your age or ability. Kepplewray offers a very broad range of activities allowing our instructors to tailor your activity programme to meet the objectives of your entire group.

    We can't wait to introduce you to Kepplewray and the exceptional environment on our doorstep, so why not begin the adventure now by calling 01229 716936 or complete the 'Find out More' form on the right of this page.


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