Team Challenges

A team of people form a pipe to complete the team challengeCome as a group – leave as a team

The emphasis is on Team here. We can achieve a huge number of things as individuals – but there are many things that cannot be done without the help of some friends. Our instructors set the challenges but it is down to the team to figure out how to achieve the task and then to organise themselves accordingly. There are no prizes for being "first" when it means the rest of your team are left behind.

For example: can you get a group of people across a rocky, crocodile infested river (use your imagination here !) using only 3 planks?

The Team Challenges take place in the large garden at Kepplewray and are devised to ensure that success can only be achieved by the whole group thinking and working together. The various challenges are great fun and hugely entertaining and give the team a chance to work things out for themselves and then revise their plan with their gained knowledge.

Team Challenges helps:

  • to break the ice and form the "team" based on mutual trust and respect.
  • develop communication and collective cognitive skills.
  • creative thinking to come to the fore in a safe, but unknown, environment.

The legacy of the Team Challenge continues long after the visit, as newly formed teams feel empowered to work more effectively together whether they are in the classroom or the workplace.

  • Expertly delivered our exhilarating and challenging activities are what makes Kepplewray a memorable and rewarding experience whatever your age or ability. Kepplewray offers a very broad range of activities allowing our instructors to tailor your activity programme to meet the objectives of your entire group.

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