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Great Discounts at The Kepplewray Centre!

The Kepplewray Centre in Cumbria provides great subsidies to get disadvantaged young people back into the great outdoors, plus anyone living with a disability or other barriers to inclusion!

Thanks to our fund-raising, Kepplewray's new Participation Inclusion Fund provides huge subsidies to qualifying individuals and groups for fantastic residential and day outdoor activities. These include stand-up paddle-boarding; canoeing; ghyll scrambling; climbing; abseiling; trekking and exploring; archery; fencing and many others!

Great subsidies mean that great activities are now much more affordable and accessible to hundreds more groups. So let’s get our young people engaged and into the outdoors again for challenging, fun, skill-building activities and blow away the lockdown blues! Contact The Kepplewray Centre

to find out more, and see how we can help everyone in your group to come!

Good to know: Anyone who faces barriers to inclusion in mainstream outdoor activities needs to be recommended or supported for consideration by the group organiser. These may include: Funding is subject to availability and eligibility


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